Dinner with my Daughters: Life Lessons around the Dinner Table

This beautifully illustrated hardback book is a family project that has brought together a father’s wisdom and his daughters’ creativity to create a unique and touching experience for readers of all ages.

Within the pages of this book, you will find 12 invaluable life lessons, each inspired by conversations around the dinner table. These lessons aren’t just words on a page; they are a gateway to deeper connections, meaningful discussions and profound reflections within your own family.

Embrace each lesson as an invitation to explore, express and extract the invaluable wisdom not only within these pages but in your own life.

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  • A truly transformative family experience!

    “I really love the way the book creates opportunities for meaningful and nourishing conversation around the dinner table" - Aimee Clarke

  • Every teacher must have this book!

    "An educational adventure wrapped in fun! Highly recommended for children, teachers and parents as a resource to explore real life values and cultures." - Matthew Smith

  • It will make you cry!

    “It's simple, it's moving, it's pure magic! It's a father's love for his daughters wrapped up in a book that will take you back in time to your own life experiences.” – Parvin Begum